Why it is important to Feng Shui your front door

Feng Shui front door

Door on the right has good Feng Shui

The front door of a home or business is very important in Feng Shui. The house gets its energy (or Chi) nourishment through this door, called “the mouth of Chi.”

A good Feng Shui front door will provide the occupants with the best energy to nourish and sustain success, health, wealth and good relationships.


What does a Feng Shui front door look like?

  • It opens widely without squeaking (no bins, shoe racks, clutter, etc. behind the door)
  • All the locks and other hardware are in good working condition
  • It has good looking paint in a color that is in harmony with the element of its direction (the door pictured here faces north and therefore I chose the color black)
  • The entry should be safe — no unused nails around the door frame or slippery carpets
  • Flowers and decoration should be seasonal — no pumpkins at Christmas time

Here’s another tip: Use your front door! We are so accustomed to walking directly from the garage into the house. Energy needs to flow, otherwise it becomes stagnant, so act like a guest and enter the house through the front door whenever possible.

Check out your front door and make some Feng Shui adjustments if needed. It’s worth it!

By Margit Sohm

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