What clients say about Sparkling Habitat

“I met Margit at a network event and immediately connected with her gentle and sparkling personality.  Working with her over a year’s time to reorganize and rebeautify my compact space was a great experience.  She respected my timeline, my budget, and at the same time encouraged me to take steps outside my comfort zone.  I now live and work in a space that feels good and feeds my life.  Margit was full of ideas and resources and supported me every step of the way.”

Jean Kathryn Carlson – Fairfax


“Margit is fantastic at what she does. She knows the moves to move one out of clutter into order and combined with her Feng Shui knowledge it is just a delight to work with her and learn from her!”

Susan Cole – Novato


“I contacted Margit for a Feng Shui session after recently moving from a large house into a smaller condominium. During our scheduled appointment Margit made easy to understand and implement suggestions. The slight changes she encouraged left me feeling so much more positive about my living space. Although I have a few more changes to make, I’m more excited about the process rather than the “dread” I imagined the move would be.  Thank you Margit!”

Eliza Tenza – Oakland


“Margit is wonderful. She is very patient and yet efficient. She turned my crazy disorganized piles of stuff into neatly labeled boxes. Now I can find my things without messing everything up again. Her knowledge of Feng Shui helped and guided the flow of my room and workspace. I highly recommend calling Margit to organize your space which will also organize your life.”

Egen Tsai – San Francisco


“Margit has been a dream! We just expanded our business and are now renting the suite across the hall as well as staying in our old space. So for a few month we were cramped into a tight and very unorganized (due to the nature of not having a proper home for things) space.

Margit came in and went straight to work on organizing everything and everyone :). With her corporate background, she really had a knack of where things should go for a good office flow. She was quick and efficient with her work and worked really well with each and everyone of our staff. And what I loved best was her great attention to detail… which included a solution to all of our computer wires!
Then the fun part! She wrote up these beautiful Feng Shui charts, getting everyone’s best direction for a productive and smooth work flow.”

Annmarie Gianni – Berkeley


“Margit is very professional, on time and easy to get along with. It was like having a friend over. Her ideas and knowledge of great tips and tricks were fantastic. She emailed me with lots of ideas and sent links to show me. I’ve already recommended her to friends and clients. Thank you Margit!!”

Andriana Marino – San Rafael


“I am a very busy professional and when I moved into my new house, I hired Margit to unpack and organize my belongings. I am so glad that I did. She had a great working system in place and so many wonderful ideas. Things are finally easy to find. She re-arranged some furniture and her great decoration skills made my house feel like home.”

Bernd G. – SF East Bay


“When I started my home-based business, I had piles of paper everywhere. I was always looking for stuff and feeling anxious. That’s when I asked Margit for help. In a very short time she had my papers sorted, filed and labeled. She created a system that is very easy for me to maintain. I highly recommend her services to everyone who needs organization.”

Aldo S. – New York, NY


“Margit is so skilled at what she does. It was a pleasure to attend her Feng Shui vision board workshop. She has a lot of knowledge and beautiful energy. If you are looking to raise your vibration and learn about the art of manifestation, please don’t hesitate to work with her!”

Sarah Fisher, Owner, Blue Lotus Films