Home Organization Before and After

Here are some examples of organizing work we have done for our clients in the Bay Area.

Organizing Example One:  A closet in a nice home in Walnut Creek needed some care, so we recommended Elfa.

Closet organizing before

A closet before we organized it. We love potential!

Closet organizing after

The same closet after a successful re-design.













Organizing Example Two:  Shoes in boxes are hard to get to and to handle.  It is much easier to enjoy one’s collection, when they are neatly displayed.  Better to make the right fitting choice as well!

Shoe organizing before

Care to get your shoes neatly organized?

Shoe organizing after

It’s done! Shoe organizing at it’s best.













Example Three:  Not a bad start in Napa.  But after some creative thinking, we can improve further.

Closet organizing before

How should we bring order to this walk-in closet?

Closet organizing after

After some creative functional designing, the clients are happy!















Example Four:  We arrived in San Pablo to a storage area that was… well… you see for yourself.  And then:  Voila!

Storage before

A storage room before Sparkling Habitat.

Storage after

After we are done organizing the storage the results are stunning!











Example Five: A walk-in closet in Orinda needed TLC, so we gave it some.  Beautiful organizing solution!

Closet organizing before

Closet before organizing it.

Closet organizing after

Closet after organizing it with an Elfa system from The Contained Home.