How to de-clutter your Marin or East Bay home and office


“Organize, don’t agonize”

Is your kitchen counter overflowing with piles of clippings and random notes? Are you tripping over toys in the family room? Does your desk look like a disaster zone?  Here’s how Margit Sohm, a professional organizer and certified Feng Shui practitioner, helps clients in Marin, Berkeley and surrounding East Bay communities de-clutter their lives.

Organize a room or entire home

A cluttered, disorganized environment can create stress and confusion. Margit will set up a system to create order out of chaos, and teach you simple steps to help you stay organized.

•    Create an efficient kitchen, relaxing bedroom, clutter free living room
•    Organize the entire house, including the garage
•    De-clutter closets and storage space
•    Help with space planning / furniture placement / decorating

 Home office organization and time management

Control your work, so it doesn’t control you. Whether you are a consultant working from a home office in Marin or part of a team with offices in Berkeley, Oakland or other East Bay communities, Margit can help you be more productive.

•    Organize the office / desks / work stations
•    Create filing systems
•    Eliminate clutter
•    Teach paper management
•    Process mail / email
•    Help with time management /goal setting

Preparing your home for sale or rental

Creating an inviting, beautiful space is the first and most important step when selling or renting a home. It’s about the power of the first impression — and you don’t get a second chance! Using her organizing and Feng Shui skills, Margit creates an environment that attracts potential buyers or tenants.

•    De-clutter the space
•    Optimize energy flow using principles of Feng Shui
•    Decorate or accessorize for a pleasing impression

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Moving & Relocation Services

Congratulations! You’ve found the home of your dreams. Now it’s time to prepare for the move. This can be an overwhelming task. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving a residence or a business, Margit makes it painless. Her “key to key” services include:

•    Find a moving company and get estimates
•    Sort and purge items you will not be taking with you
•    Organize/pack the rest so you are ready to go when the truck arrives
•    Help unpack and organize at the new location for a quick move-in

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