Bringing harmony to your home or workspace with Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which translates to Wind and Water, is an ancient Chinese wisdom that has been practiced in in the U.S. since the 1970s. It involves the art of placement to create a more harmonious home and workplace. The concept is based on the belief that all matter has energy (Chi), which has an impact on our well-being.  If the energy is blocked, we may feel out of sorts, or creatively stifled.

Certified Feng Shui practictioner

Margit Sohm trained with the renowned teacher, Roger Green, a pioneer of Feng Shui in the west. She helps clients in Berkeley, Oakland and Marin remove energy blocks from their environment and create a state of balance in their lives. She’ll show you how to make some simple adjustments that can open pathways, allowing the energy to flow freely. These changes may include rearranging furniture, changing the color on a wall, or replacing an old chair or a rug with a new one.

Using a variety of traditional tools, including a Lo Pan (compass) reading of your home or office, she can create the most beneficial living or work space for you and your family or co-workers.

For the most harmonious results, combine Margit’s Feng Shui service with her Organizing Services.

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